Ten types of people you see on El Sahel Beaches

  • on 25 Apr 2017

Anyone that has been to Egypt’s North Coast knows very well that there are certain types of beach-goers that have to be made fun of. Whether you like it or not, you probably fall under one of these 10 categories:

1. The sport junkies

Consisting of 90% male and the odd girl, you will usually find the the sport junkies playing volleyball on the hipster beaches such as Marassi or Hacienda. Their friendly matches wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t always hitting innocent bystanders with the ball due to fatigue from playing over the past 8 hours.

2. The beach babes

Ah, the beach babes! Truly one of a kind in the Egyptian world. Where to spot? On all Sahel beaches! The beach babes refuse to to get in the water due to their perfectly made up hair and makeup. So what are they doing on the beach? Getting their tan on of course - what else is the beach made for?

3. The socialites

Hands-down the most annoying type of people in Sahel, the socialites spend their days walking on the beach and saying hi to people - also found on the hipster beaches. Usually there is nothing wrong with that, unless you are friends with a socialite, then you are stuck sulking at the corner waiting for them to finish their conversations, except that they never stop socializing!

4. The snobby beach strollers

Usually women, the snobby beach strollers are creatures that walk up and down all Sahel beaches. They usually look unimpressed and cast unfriendly looks to whoever gives them any kind of attention. Oh, and they usually walk up and down the beach around 200 times a day. Could it be exercise they are after? Doubt that.

5. The alcoholics

Can’t deny that those are a fun bunch. The alcoholics can be found on all North Coast beaches. They usually come with an excess amount of bottles, a huge cooler and lots of Chipsy. If you are in the mood for a free drink, then just grab your socialite friend and walk by them - guaranteed the socialite will know at least 5 of them.

6. The Smokers

The smokers will get their hands on anything they can smoke. They are a friendly bunch because they are sitting silently side by side, enjoying the beautiful beach of Egypt’s North. Peace and love guys!

7. The alcoholics, smokers and loudspeakers gang.

These are the full-on hedonistic gang! The Sahel ‘cool’ group, don’t you wish you were one of them? Not really, the music they play is usually terrible and super loud. Imagine early 2000s trance music with bad quality speakers. It’s ok to have fun guys, just don’t disturb fellow beach-goers, specially the beach babes - they can’t focus on tanning if there’s loud music around.

8. The Instagrammers

Undeniably, the North Coast is beautiful. With bright blue waves and the gorgeous sun setting in on the beach, there is much to appreciate. If you aren’t lucky enough to spend your summer in Sahel, then you can go for the second best option - follow El Sahel instagrammers. The only problem is that you won’t find any actual pictures of the beach, just instas of duck faces and toenails in the sand.

9. The young families

Can always be found on Sahel beaches, and you can’t help but feel sorry for the poor parents. The kids are running around, causing havoc and the poor mothers (or nannies!) running after them. For some of us, we don’t see children that often, so it is a nice reminder to never have them.

10. The ones actually swimming

Our favourite type of people! They know what El Sahel is all about and they are taking advantage of the gorgeous mediterranean beach. The alcoholics will eventually join you guys for a near-death experience swim!

So, if you are not familiar with the ten types of people you see on El Sahel beaches, then you are definitely missing out. Get with the in-crowd and book your Sahel summer getaway now!