Staying Hydrated Whilst Staying Trendy in The North Coast

  • on 25 Apr 2017

Anyone who has heard of Egypt (hopefully most of you will have) will know that it is synonymous with the sun. In the summer, the sun is in full force and happily engulfs anyone that comes its way. Whilst some of us have to endure the heat of Cairo, many of us will quickly flock to the beautiful coastlines that Egypt’s North Coast boasts. So, in fear that we sound too motherly, we have added a twist to staying hydrated in the North Coast’s beaches. How to stay hydrated whilst also staying trendy!

1. Drink lemon water

Not only does it look fabulous to be drinking lemon water, but it is so healthy. Aside from the fabulous feel that a glass of lemon water can give, it has many benefits. Lemon water alkalinizes the body meaning that it balances your pH level, especially beneficial for those whose diet is high in meat, cheese or alcohol. Other benefits: aiding in digestion, keeping your skin beautiful and keeping you feeling refreshing. For those who get bored of drinking regular water, just add a slice in lemon to mix it up!

2. Eat watermelon!

No doubt, you have witnessed fellow watermelon eaters on many of the Sahel beaches and it has made your mouth water (no wonder they are called watermelon - pun intended). Watermelon is made up of 92% water, making it a super effective way to stay hydrated. It is also a great source of potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Health aside, Egypt has the best tasting watermelons that the world has to offer - so embrace it!

3. Smoothies

It can’t get any better than this! Smoothies are God’s gift to the lazy and nutrient-forgetful crowd. You can basically get all of your nutrients in a couple of a gulps! Choose between fruit and vegetable mixes and watch as your body starts to feel much healthier despite being in the sun for many hours. Looking for a nice smoothie bar in Egypt’s North Coast, how about the Lychee Fruit bar Diplo or Marassi?

4. Drink Coconut water

So refreshing, once you start drinking it, you can’t stop! Unfortunately, the coconut water you will be drinking in Sahel will not be cracked open from a coconut, but it still tastes amazing. Rich in potassium and low in carbohydrates, this drink is so effective in rehydrating the body after being exposed to the sunlight, Ok, admittedly, coconut water is a little expensive...but do you really want to put a pricetag on your health? Skip the Merit Asfaar next time and go for a refreshing coconut water.

Who said you had to sit all day next to your water bottle and take reluctant sips every 20 minutes to stay hydrated? Staying hydrated can look cool and even better, feel so healthy. Next time, instead of picking up an energy drink, go for a coconut water or a fruit smoothie, you will feel much more energized!

Undeniably, the North Coast is beautiful. With bright blue waves and the gorgeous sun setting in on the beach, there is much to appreciate.